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SM BD Electronics Ltd is a leading and promising manufacturer and marketer of electrical equipments/ accessories since some years very successfully under SM BD Electronics Ltd brand. The product ranges are CFL,Incandescent Lamp, LED, Tube Light ,Switches & Sockets, Electronic Ballast. In addition, the group is the exclusive distributor of The quality of these products is guaranteed and its durability is unquestionable. All these products have got both intrinsic and aesthetic value for which we are proud of and find ourselves truly satisfied in supplying the quality goods to our valued and prospective buyers and consumers .To meet the accelerated demand of city deallers, the Corporation expanded its activities in different Products. SM BD Electronics Ltd has a well trained, skilled and motivated sales team for both channel and corporate sales.The manufacturing facilities of each unit are equipped with state of the art technologies. It has got a high-tech lab for research and development of its products to accommodate with modern age, fast changing taste and style of the end users. SM BD Electronics Ltd is run by a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals having good corporate culture. They are guided by the dynamic leadership of an enthusiastic, proactive and visionary Board of Directors. They altogether are relentlessly working for the growth and development of the Corporation.

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